Steve Schwarz has been a professional software developer since 1991. He started working in a team developing a distributed 3-tier client-server architecture in C/C++ on Solaris for near real-time assembly line monitoring and equipment control at Panasonic Factory Automation. That product is still in operation today.

Steve joined a small start-up: Trading Technologies, writing C/C++ client and server APIs for automated futures/options trading products in Visual Studio on Windows. He is an inventor on patents for price distribution algorithms.

Steve began full stack web development in Python, JS, CSS, HTML, etc. at another start up: Textura LLC. Over nearly a decade he helped take their flagship product from a monolithic web app serving a dozen clients to a multi-service modern architecture serving tens of thousands of clients around the world. Textura was acquired by Oracle in 2016.

Currently, Steve is freelancing in full stack web and mobile development using a range of web technologies.

For fun Steve loves playing and competing in dog agility with his dogs Snap! and Flyer.

He can be reached at

This Website

Started in 2004 as a locally hosted flat file web site using a Perl CGI script (Blosxom). Then migrated to Currently flat files authored in reStructured Text and statically generated using Pelican. Comments via Disqus and search by Google Custom Search Engine.

The content of this blog and my edits to the responsive theme are available on GitHub.

My Other Web Sites and Projects

  • The first/longest running dog agility blog: AgilityNerd

    Perl, Python, Mongodb, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Disqus, AddThis.

  • Agility Course Master, AC Master, an offline-first dog agility course map storing and set up mobile application for Android and iOS.

    Ionic, Typescript, Angular (2+), PouchDB, Auth0, Sass.

  • Dog agility community search: Googility

    Python, Django, Haystack, Whoosh, Google custom search, Google mapping API, jQuery, JavaScript.

  • Dog agility course generators:

    Python, Django, Bootstrap, Bootcards, ReactJS, ReportLab (PDF generation), Rosetta (internationalization), SVG, Compass, Sass, jQuery, JavaScript, Disqus, AddThis.

  • Dog agility store: AgilityNerd Store

    Pelican, Zazzle.

  • Organizer of quarterly Dog Agility Blogger Action Days/Events and maintain group blog.

    Wordpress, Google docs, JavaScript.

  • Teaching, training, and competing in Dog Agility since 1999