HTTP/2: A Quick and Easy Website Speed Up

I always want my websites to be secure and fast. HTTP/2 is the latest enhancement to the HTTP protocol that can provide significant performance improvements:

The primary goals for HTTP/2 are to reduce latency by enabling full request and response multiplexing, minimize protocol overhead via efficient compression of …

NGINX, HTTPS, Let's Encrypt, and Django

My website is served by nginx proxying to gunicorn running my Django application. I'll be adding user accounts soon so I wanted to convert the site to be more secure by using HTTPS encryption. Also Google has announced it will likely prefer sites using HTTPS.

The site is …

NGINX CGI Parameter Gotcha

When I first started the agilitynerd blog in 2004 I had my Blosxom blogging CGI script running via Apache. Later on I moved all my sites to nginx or took advantage of nginx's caching features to have it act as a proxy in front of Apache. I finally decided to …

Upgrading Pelican and Migrating to GitHub Pages

I've been using Pelican for this blog for almost three years with source and output stored in a GitHub repository. The output files were then checked out and hosted as static content behind an NGINX web server on my VPS. Since I set that up GitHub introduced GitHub Pages with …

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Notes on Configuring Postfix on Ubuntu Gutsy to Send Email via Google Apps

Here are some notes I took on configuring my Slicehost Ubuntu Gutsy installation to use Postfix to send emails via Google Apps. I am far from an expert on postfix configuration but maybe these notes will be helpful to others needing this configuration.

These sites contain the key information:

Backup Your Data Lately?

A few weeks ago I bought a Ximeta NetDisk 120 GB external hard drive to back up the data on my home computers. There are a number of vendors making hard drives that support USB connections; this model is unique in that it also supports direct ethernet connections. Unlike more …

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