Disabling Rollbar and Enabling Logging During Vue.js Development

I was adding Rollbar support to a Vue.js application and ran into an issue that made it inconvenient for use in development environments:

Captured exceptions and rollbar.error|warning|log|... calls are always sent and logged in the Rollbar dashboard.

You could configure different a Rollbar environment for development …

Using Gestures in Angular 2 with TypeScript Lightning Talk

Here are my slides on Using Gestures in Angular 2 with TypeScript for a lightning talk that I gave at the December Northwest Chicago JavaScript meetup.

Screenshot of first slide of my presentation

I converted the Reveal.js slides checkout to use the Angular 2 CLI. That let me include two small Angular 2 components within the …

ReactJS SVG Path Player Component

I've been a big fan of SVG images for many years for their light weight and resolution independence. I started playing with them back when most browsers needed a plugin to render them; which kept me from using them in web sites. Within the past few years SVG has become …