I've spent some time over the past couple nights trying to improve the access to information on my site. As a software developer it is often more fun to play around with the technology than it is to do "real" work.

I've made the following enhancements:

  • Added Quick Links to the right hand navigation to allow folks to get to the three main Agility sections of the website without going to the Navigate page. Used the [[Blosxom]] file plugin to include the new HTML in all pages.
  • Changed my AgilityGlossary page to have a preface with an alphabetical listing ofdefinitions. I ended up using three new Blosxom plugins to make thiswork: config, postheadprefoot and sort_order.

For other Blosxom users I've updated my site pluginspage with the details.

Hopefully these changes along with the page links and previous/nextpage arrows at the bottom of the page will give everyone enough ways to move easily around the sight.