Here are my slides on Build in Customer Support: Simplify support of your mobile/web applications for a "lightning talk" that I gave at the October Northwest Chicago JavaScript meetup.

Screenshot of first slide of my presentation

I've been a developer for a while and have worked in organizations who have been focused on the customer (really!). So I've always been interested in helping support folk and developers build and improve the product. There is a lot of discussion on design to help products meet customer needs and improve usability/interaction. But I hadn't found any discussions on how to build your product so you can provide your customers with better support.

So I put together this talk on what I've learned. I focus on tools/techniques for web/mobile apps and support for small groups/single developers. Here's the outline:

  • Overview support options and choose channels that fit your customers.
  • Demonstrate some tools for those channels that are helpful for startups/side projects.
  • Can you avoid support?
  • Find/fix bugs before they are detected by customers.
  • Acting as the customer
  • Reproducing bugs
  • Acting on and Documenting issues

There is also video of my talk: