In keeping with my desire to have this site's layout be easy to read,I wanted it to look good in print too. The layout uses CSS instead of HTML tables. This lets me position the divscontaining various text for the screen and it allows me to positionand hide text differently for the printed media.

Any CSS book covers the basics of changing the display, position, margins, and padding along with the use of separate style sheets forprint and screen media. But I ran into problems with printing mysite's pages with the Mozilla/Netscape browsers. Only the first page of my main div would print. Alittle Googling turned up this excellent article on A ListApart. ALA is a great resource for web developers.

The only clarification I have is that since both the screen and the print CSS files are included, the print CSS file's elements may needto set additional properties as well as reseting properties that existin the screen media file. Otherwise the definitions for the screen will be used. I had to set some div's position properties to static to get them back into the document flow.