Create Posterous Posts from Google Forms

I've been organizing dog agility bloggers for Dog Agility Blog Action Days and wanted to automate updating our group's blog when each blogger posted their article on the event/action days. For past events I had the bloggers email me with the information and manually created each entry in the …

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Improving Google Ads and Google Search Descriptions

I was looking at the google search results for my Googility web site and noticed that the descriptions shown underneath the title often contained text from my navigation links instead of content from the body of the page:


I did some searching and found the Google Webmaster blog post about …

New Scheme Using YouTube to Get "Google Juice"?

In the last couple days my YouTube account has fallen victim to a new scheme by porn websites attempting to garner Google Juice. It is pretty straightforward. A generic YouTube account is created with a user name like "babiegirl123xyz" and the "user" has a single line profile with the line …

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