Integrated Coverage Analysis with Coveralls

When I converted django-periodicals to use cookiecutter-djangopackage I was running in my Travis-CI .travis.yml to report the coverage results to the command line log. The coverage results were interesting but didn't really alter my development practice much.

Over the years I've had differing options about coverage testing …

cookiecutter-djangopackage - Do the Right Thing

In preparation for upgrading and enhancing I've started breaking out reusable applications, upgrading them, and open sourcing the code on GitHub. I wanted to follow development best practices and create high quality applications including these features:

  • A full set of tests.
  • Near 100% code coverage.
  • Continuous Integration running …

Confidently Refactoring Django URLs, Views, and Templates

Googility.comis my first Django website and under the covers the oldest code looked like it. I had originally written it with the sole intent of allowing people to enter dog agility businesses and websites into a database that I could use to create a Dog Agility Google Custom …