cookiecutter-djangopackage - Do the Right Thing

In preparation for upgrading and enhancing I've started breaking out reusable applications, upgrading them, and open sourcing the code on GitHub. I wanted to follow development best practices and create high quality applications including these features:

  • A full set of tests.
  • Near 100% code coverage.
  • Continuous Integration running …

Adding pyrsvg to a virtualenv created with --no-site-packages

I set up my development and deployment environments on Ubuntu with virtualenv with the --no-site-packages option to isolate them from packages in the system installation. My application uses pyrsvg and it is installed by default as a system package. Consequently I had to link the shared libraries it installs (w …

Configuring Runit for Gunicorn and Django Installed in a Virtualenv on Ubuntu

I couldn't find any documentation that covered all the pieces for configuring my latest Django site so I hope this helps someone else out.

I had used mod_wsgi under Apache for my other Django sites. But now I'm using different python versions for the sites (until if/when I update …