It has been several years since I've worked on my Django driven website that uses Shrink The Web (STW) screen shots. During that time STW has simplified their feature set and their API.

As I upgraded my site ( I took some time to modernize the django-stw template tag and support API changes for the latest Django and Python versions.

I also tested the package when deployed using HTTP and HTTPS.

Here are the changes (from the CHANGELOG.txt):

1.0.1 Use https for all requests to
- Stops browser warnings when used on https websites while not interferring with sites running on http.

1.0.0 Updates for Django 1.9/1.10 and Python 2.7/3.5
- Old versions of Django/Python are no longer supported.
- Removed ``shrinkthewebimage`` template tag since there is no longer an API distinction between free and Pro accounts.

You can the template tag in action on this demo page in a nicer "Bootstrap-ified" UI:

Screenshot of first slide of my presentation

The latest package is available on PyPi:

pip install django-stw

Or as a source download on github, or via git clone.