Django Shrink The Web django-stw 1.0 Released

It has been several years since I've worked on my Django driven website that uses Shrink The Web (STW) screen shots. During that time STW has simplified their feature set and their API.

As I upgraded my site ( I took some time to modernize the django-stw template tag …

Django Shrink The Web django-stw 0.2.0 Released

Shrink The Web has announced a new API for free users using their new preview verification feature. This change required changes to my django-stw package.

The changes (lifted from the CHANGELOG.txt):

Changes to the shrinkthewebimage template tag:

  • The shrinkthewebimage template tag is NOT backward compatible with version 0.0 …

Initial Release of django-stw

I have been using the free website thumbnail service from Shrink The Web on my dog agility search website Googility since I launched it. It is quick and easy to use and it adds a lot to the look of the pages.

I had created a simple Django template tag …

Django Shrink The Web Template Tag Updated

I recently updated my Django template tag for simplifying the use of Shrink The Web images. They recently announced a CDN based distribution of images and they took the opportunity to modify their API.

The updated template tag is on django snippets.

The STW folks have asked be to extend …