After fixing a bug in these plugins I decided to add some new features:

  • The links generated by the favorites plugin used to display the path and filename of each popular article. It now displays the article title and the filename is displayed when hovering over the link. This makes for a much nicer looking and more useful display. Thanks to Doug for the suggestion.
  • The hitcounter plugin now tests for existence of articles before adding them to its hash of counts.
  • Requesting a page which no longer exists deletes the page and its counts from the hash of counts. Since previous versions of this plugin would record non-existent pages they could appear in the favorites listing. So now you can delete them by clicking on the link in the favorites page.
  • As pages previously stored in the hitcounter hash of counts are visited their titles will be added so they will appear in the favorites' generated links.

Both plugins must be upgraded together and will upgrade the existing hitcounter database as pages are accessed. The new versions can be downloaded here: