NGINX, HTTPS, Let's Encrypt, and Django

My website is served by nginx proxying to gunicorn running my Django application. I'll be adding user accounts soon so I wanted to convert the site to be more secure by using HTTPS encryption. Also Google has announced it will likely prefer sites using HTTPS.

The site is …

Mobile Web Site Redirects in Django

For the mobile version of I wanted to follow the approach Google appears to be using on some of its sites:

  • If the user views from a desktop browser they should see the standard/desktop version of the site.
  • If the user views from …

Configuring Runit for Gunicorn and Django Installed in a Virtualenv on Ubuntu

I couldn't find any documentation that covered all the pieces for configuring my latest Django site so I hope this helps someone else out.

I had used mod_wsgi under Apache for my other Django sites. But now I'm using different python versions for the sites (until if/when I update …