Web Site Themes for Techies

I'm no graphic artist so when it comes time to create or change the look of my website I always have a difficult time. So I've discovered some tools and tips that might help other non artists create reasonable looking websites.

Here's the general approach:

  • Select an existing template or …

Stock.XCHNG - Free Stock Photos

I was looking at templates for ZenCart and came across some templates that use images from Stock.XCHNG. Over an hour ago I started browsing the images and am really impressed with the quality and breadth of photos that artists are making available for free use.

I'll definitely use some …


Online Button Creation Tool

I was reading the Blosxom email list tonight and came across an interesting photoblog by Rob Park. After enjoying some of his photos, I noticed his post about an online form for creating the XML, RSS, etc. buttons popular on so many websites. Adam Kalsey has created a simple (dare …