Integrated Coverage Analysis with Coveralls

When I converted django-periodicals to use cookiecutter-djangopackage I was running in my Travis-CI .travis.yml to report the coverage results to the command line log. The coverage results were interesting but didn't really alter my development practice much.

Over the years I've had differing options about ...

cookiecutter-djangopackage - Do the Right Thing

In preparation for upgrading and enhancing I've started breaking out reusable applications, upgrading them, and open sourcing the code on GitHub. I wanted to follow development best practices and create high quality applications including these features:

  • A full set of tests.
  • Near 100% code coverage.
  • Continuous Integration ...

Moved To Pelican

Way back in 2004, when the content in this blog was a category in the main AglityNerd blog, I used the Perl Blosxom application to serve the blog. When my dog agility readers complained/were confused by the sprinkling of tech postings I split off tech.agilitynerd in another Blosxom ...

Google Analytics for JQuery Mobile With Internal and AJAX Pages

I added google analytics to my website and was having problems getting the mobile version of the site to log analytics data after the first page. Google found this very helpful blog post: Using Google Analytics with jQuery Mobile and it got me very close to my final ...

Create Posterous Posts from Google Forms

I've been organizing dog agility bloggers for Dog Agility Blog Action Days and wanted to automate updating our group's blog when each blogger posted their article on the event/action days. For past events I had the bloggers email me with the information and manually created each entry ...

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My Favorite ORM and Python Anti-Patterns

At work I was looking at improving the performance of one of our slower web pages. It can be rewarding to find a little piece of code that can be easily optimized. This time there were several functions that were adding 10+ sec to the page in worst case. It ...

Reducing the Cost of Client Side Analytics

I read Andy McKay's blog post on timing user experience on the Mozilla Webdev blog the other day and it reminded me of an idea I was thinking about for measuring client side timings at work. I had been toying with the idea of rolling our own library to ...

YellowGrass - Web Based Issue Tracking

I was doing some reading on mobl and saw that they are using a free web based service called YellowGrass for issue tracking. It has some nice features and seems easy to use. Everything is tag based. I think I'll try to use it for tracking enhancements to agilitycourses ...

Django Shrink The Web django-stw 0.2.0 Released

Shrink The Web has announced a new API for free users using their new preview verification feature. This change required changes to my django-stw package.

The changes (lifted from the CHANGELOG.txt):

Changes to the shrinkthewebimage template tag:

  • The shrinkthewebimage template tag is NOT backward compatible with version 0.0 ...
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Python dict.get's Default Value is Always Evaluated

This is a gotcha I ran across in some production code that is obvious in retrospect. I was profiling the code to find places where we were calling an_expensive_database_function and came across code like this:

def doit(*args, **kwargs):
     value = kwargs.get('key', an_expensive_database_function())

The original author probably assumed that ...

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