I have been using the free website thumbnail service from Shrink The Web on my dog agility search website Googility since I launched it. It is quick and easy to use and it adds a lot to the look of the pages.

I had created a simple Django template tag for inserting the little snippet of HTML needed by their service.

Recently they asked me to add support for their advanced features to my template tag. I used this opportunity to convert my templatetag to a Django application. This mostly makes it a lot easier to install but it also let me to bundle tests and an example template with the template tag.

I kept the existing shrinkthewebimage template tag and added a new tag called stwimage to enable the new features.

I'm hosting the example page included in the package here so you can see how the template tags work.

I've hosted the project source on github and uploaded the initial release to the CheeseShop for easy installation.