Way back in 2004, when the content in this blog was a category in the main AglityNerd blog, I used the Perl Blosxom application to serve the blog. When my dog agility readers complained/were confused by the sprinkling of tech postings I split off tech.agilitynerd in another Blosxom instance.

Once modern web hosted blogs came in to existence I wanted to see how they worked and moved the tech content to posterous. That was only OK, the source code formatting was painful but it did support email and web based content creation. I was reasonably content, not bugged enough to move again.

Then posterous announced it is closing on April 30 so I finally had to do something. This site really only needs a few features:

  • easy format in which to write content
  • source code formatting
  • Atom/RSS feeds
  • comments

I use Disqus for comments on my other sites so that meant I could go with a statically generated site. Also since I primarily code in Python I wanted a platform to which I could contribute. I came across Pelican and it fit the bill nicely.

I exported the posterous posts, imported them through a temporary wordpress.com site using their posterous importer and finally re-exported them in wordpress format. After a quick bug fix to the pelican wordpress importer I had reStructured Text files for each post. After a few days of editing the embeded source code in the content files and fixing long broken links, I had the blog running and not looking bad at all.

I wanted a Twitter Bootstrap based responsive layout and I found azizmb's pelican-bootstrap-responsive-them which had a very pleasing layout. I tweaked it to have category and tag feeds and some other enhancements to get what you see today. I will see if Aziz is interested in pulling any of my changes back.

So far I like using Pelican and I've made the content of the blog and my edits to the theme available on github in case anyone is interested.