Web Site Themes for Techies

I'm no graphic artist so when it comes time to create or change the look of my website I always have a difficult time. So I've discovered some tools and tips that might help other non artists create reasonable looking websites.

Here's the general approach:

  • Select an existing template or …
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Stock.XCHNG - Free Stock Photos

I was looking at templates for ZenCart and came across some templates that use images from Stock.XCHNG. Over an hour ago I started browsing the images and am really impressed with the quality and breadth of photos that artists are making available for free use.

I'll definitely use some …

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Feed2JS - Adding AgilityNerd Headlines to Your Website

Updated 16-Aug-2006 to reflect Feed2JS's move to http://feed2js.org

I never thought anyone would want me to syndicate my blog and put links to my latest articles on their website. But Marj Kibby in Australia with her very nice dog raising and training blog Choose and Raise a Puppy …

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New hitcounter, favorites Blosxom Plugin Features

After fixing a bug in these plugins I decided to add some new features:

  • The links generated by the favorites plugin used to display the path and filename of each popular article. It now displays the article title and the filename is displayed when hovering over the link. This makes …
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Notes on Configuring Postfix on Ubuntu Gutsy to Send Email via Google Apps

Here are some notes I took on configuring my Slicehost Ubuntu Gutsy installation to use Postfix to send emails via Google Apps. I am far from an expert on postfix configuration but maybe these notes will be helpful to others needing this configuration.

These sites contain the key information:

hitcounter, favorites, lastcommented and lastread Blosxom Plugin Updates

I found a bug in my hitcounter, favorites, lastread and lastcommented plugins due to my not using the correct Perl Storable functions. For some reason I didn't use the locking versions of retrieve() and nstore(). So when my old webhost had some problem causing long page load times (and many …

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Taking Better Photos - Building a Light Box

I have often been disappointed with the quality of photos of objects I've posted on my site. My biggest problems have been providing good lighting and a nice background (see this for example). So I was Googling to find a photographer's light box to build when I found Bill Huber's …

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Blog Spammers Using URL Encoding

I was getting hit by comment spammers in the last week who were using URL-encoding of their addresses to get around the comment blacklisting filter I use. By replacing regular characters with the multi-character encoded representation of those characters within the URL the spammers were able to post comment spam …

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Blosxom - Default Flavour Plugin - Fixes Unknown Flavour Error

I previously blogged a solution for the Unknown Flavour error that involved modifying the blosxom.cgi script itself. I recently found my modification caused requests for the RSS 0.91 feed and atom feeds to return the default flavour instead of the desired feed. I suspect any plugin using a …

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Blosxom - Hit Counter and Favorites Plugins

I added a Favorites page to the side menu of my AgilityNerd site. Since then I've been updating it manually about once a month based on the AWStats reports from my web hosting provider (HostMagix). This task is unnecessarily complicated because AWStats keeps page counts independently for each URL, which …

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