Firefox Web Developer Add-on AJAX NON-Caching Problem

I ran across some "interesting" behavior of the Firefox Web Developer Add-on today. When editing JavaScript code I normally leave Web Developer set to "disable cache". This causes all images and, significantly for my purposes, the JavaScript files to be downloaded from the server on every page request. But I …

reCAPTCHA in Django

I first read about ReCAPTCHA in this article in Wired magazine last year.

reCAPTCHA provides a free CAPTCHA web service that pairs together two words from OCR scanned books. One of the words is known and the other couldn't be recognized. The user types in both words not knowing which …

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Improving Site Navigation - Add Titles to Blosxom Pages With storytitle

I've always wanted my AgilityNerd blog to serve as a reference for interesting dog agility subjects. Consequently, I'm interested in making it as easy as possible for readers to locate, explore, and learn more about the sport. So improving navigation is a strong interest to me.

I have been reading …

Blosxom Plugin lastcommented Enhancement

I had a comment entered on my dog agility blog that I subsequently deleted and of course my lastcommented plugin recorded the comment as the most recent comment. Since the plugin uses Storable to store the data I couldn't manually edit the file to remove the entry.

So I modified …

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Minor Additional Mods to Blosxom moreenties Plugin

I had previously extended Jason Clark's moreentries plugin for Blosxom to allow adding images to links to the previous and next group of articles/entries in the head or foot of a Blosxom weblog. While attempting to have valid HTML on my blogs I found that I had left an …

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New Scheme Using YouTube to Get "Google Juice"?

In the last couple days my YouTube account has fallen victim to a new scheme by porn websites attempting to garner Google Juice. It is pretty straightforward. A generic YouTube account is created with a user name like "babiegirl123xyz" and the "user" has a single line profile with the line …

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Web Site Themes for Techies

I'm no graphic artist so when it comes time to create or change the look of my website I always have a difficult time. So I've discovered some tools and tips that might help other non artists create reasonable looking websites.

Here's the general approach:

  • Select an existing template or …
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Stock.XCHNG - Free Stock Photos

I was looking at templates for ZenCart and came across some templates that use images from Stock.XCHNG. Over an hour ago I started browsing the images and am really impressed with the quality and breadth of photos that artists are making available for free use.

I'll definitely use some …

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Feed2JS - Adding AgilityNerd Headlines to Your Website

Updated 16-Aug-2006 to reflect Feed2JS's move to

I never thought anyone would want me to syndicate my blog and put links to my latest articles on their website. But Marj Kibby in Australia with her very nice dog raising and training blog Choose and Raise a Puppy …

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New hitcounter, favorites Blosxom Plugin Features

After fixing a bug in these plugins I decided to add some new features:

  • The links generated by the favorites plugin used to display the path and filename of each popular article. It now displays the article title and the filename is displayed when hovering over the link. This makes …
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